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3 Reasons Why Your Small Businesses Needs Good Product Photography

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

A quote from executive producer and commercial photographer, @javierbedwards, on why small businesses need good product photography - published by El Roi Studios, a commercial photography and creative services agency, based in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, FL.

Let’s say you're selling T-Shirts. And you’ve gone through the labor of choosing really unique colors and the best available fabric.

You invested in a website and paid for advertising and are ready to sell a ton of your products - but there is a major issue: You post crappy images of your product. The images you decided to use to sell your product, have poor lighting, the colors aren't displaying accurately and you can’t see the quality of the fabric you spent hours choosing. You’ve taken two steps forward by creating and selling a product - but now you’ve taken two steps backwards - by poorly marketing the product.

So now, you've created an environment where you can't really justify a high price based on presentation alone - bad photography cheapens your product and may force you to lower your price point, if you cant generate user interest and convert sales.

I’m sure we all remember that one team building retreat activity, that asked us to close our eyes and fall backwards, in to the arms of a stranger - or worse: someone we don't trust.

But if you looked the person tasked to catch you, and they looked strong, they'd likely gain more of your trust. You'd probably feel a bit more comfortable sacrificing your body.

When customers choose to spend their hard earned money for our products or services, they’re taking a risk. It's imperative to present your product in the best possible light, pun intended. When you take the necessary step of marketing your product, it's critical to capture great images of your product, in order to build trust with your customers.

You can be a team of one, behind a beautiful, digital storefront and thrive more than a team of 1000 people behind a storefront with bad marketing and poor product presentation. Great imagery not only builds trust with your customers, it psychologically elevates the performance expectations of your product or service. This is a good thing for someone who is actually is looking to sell products, at scale. You don't want a customer to compare your product to another brands products and lose the battle because your product "looks" cheap. I'd submit that more small businesses than not are leaving huge sales numbers on the table because the aren't investing in better creative services to properly market their products. Does this apply to your small business? EL ROI STUDIOS is a creative services agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in commercial photography, branding and design.

If you need better product photography or need to speak with a branding consultant, please click here.


Javier B. Edwards is a multi-disciplinary creative and idea anthropologist. He serves as the Executive Producer for EL ROI STUDIOS is a creative services agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We specialize in commercial photography, branding and design.

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