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It's easier than you think.

Streaming Kit for Beginners

Have you ever watched someone live stream and wondered what you'd need to do it? Well today we're going to show you just that.

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You'll need a few programs to organize and manage your stream "Scenes," and "Sources" as well as to "Distribute" and  "Broadcast" yourself on one or multiple platforms at once.  


To start, you'll need the basics: a computer with good processing power and RAM - a microphone, a monitor (preferably 2), a camera and a light source. We'll include a few other useful tools to consider below.


This is, arguably, the most important element. You could have best-in-class hardware or the best software available, but if your internet connection is will your stream quality be, too. You'll have choppy frames, dropped frames, bad audio and many other issues. 

3 Essential Elements of Streaming

The quality of your stream is highly contingent upon the elements mentioned below - performance will vary, based on your setup.

Hardware: Video

Restream IO

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