About Us

EL ROI STUDIOS is a creative studio based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We're a husband and wife team that specializes in photography and art direction. Our mission is to create meaningful and quality visual assets for companies and visionaries who understand the importance of visual excellence in communicating brand identity.

Javier B. Edwards

Founder - Photographer

"I founded El Roi Photo, 8 years ago, on sheer passion. It was the perfect intersection of my faith and what I hoped would become my trade. 8 years, a wife and hundreds of thousands of photos later, here I am flourishing, still collaborating and creating with like-minded individuals. My mission as a craftsman has always been visual excellence - period. Clean, intentional work has no lifeline - so that's what we challenge every brand and visionary to strive for."

Jamie J. Edwards

Project & Relationship Manager

" With my previous background being in public health and recruitment, I would have been mildly surprised to see where I am today. However, I can see now how my experience prepared me to manage our business. Those pieces worked together to paint a cohesive story and enabled me to oversee client relations and development. I strive to ensure our projects are executed with excellence and that our clients have a quality pre and post production experience."